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Are you looking for the entry way into God and how to receive a miracle from God that will radically change your life, turning it completely around?

Let me begin with a story about such a man who was looking for the very same things and he approached a man who performed miracles from God.
Now a man named Nicodemus came to Jesus inquiring about the miracles of God and Jesus told him that the only way to truly find God, is to become born again.

So what is born again?
Is it something we do when we suddenly decide we better start looking good and acting right?
Or is it something that occurs on the inside that brings about permanent change from God?
When we are born again, we are changed from what we were like, to being like God and we take on His very character and nature of Righteousness.

When this, the greatest of miracles takes place in our spirit man, forever changing what was once dead and sinful in nature, we now have a regenerated spirit man (the very essence of who we are) and can live like never before in the transforming, life changing, miraculous power of God.

When born again, we are related to God, we take on His attributes of love, joy, peace and righteousness. We are changed in our spirit man by the work of Jesus alone, when He took upon Himself our sinfulness and was raised up again in life, by the power of God.

When the first man Adam and the first woman Eve were deceived by the enemy of mankind Satan, they disobeyed God and fell from their position of innocence. What resulted was that mankind was found in a hopeless condition of sin and death.

God then in His great love, sent His Son, Jesus to take our punishment of death. Jesus having died in our place, set us free from this death penalty and the power of the sin which was resident in our inner beings.

On the Mystery page, we have discussed that the law which is the perfect standard of righteousness, reveals to man that we all fall short of this standard of perfection in our condition of weakness, because of the sinful nature that we are born with. This nature of sin was passed on to all mankind from Adam after he first sinned, which brought the devestating result of death upon the whole human race.

Therefore, God had to come and save mankind from this hopeless situation and the only way to achieve this was to send Jesus, who was without sin and to take this death and sin of ours, upon Himself. God's plan to make mankind truly free from sin and death was now established through Jesus and now, we can receive this gift of God
by the miracle of the born again process.

Our part is that we have to choose to be born again and be changed forever by this miracle.

God has offered this salvation by an act of grace, which is a free gift, un-earned by our own efforts, our part is to receive this gift and believe what He did for us and the truth about Jesus dying for us on the cross, 2000 years ago in the history of mankind.
Jesus who was God, who came from God, who is God and who was God as a man.
That is a lot for our limited earthly minds to grasp, if you really want to get hold of wisdom, just wait for your spirit man to come alive with God and you will have a charged up capacity and new dimension of thinking like a downloaded mega chip from above.

You see, being born again is not just attempting to live a good life, or to go to church and perform religious practices. Some religious practices may have an appearance of good, but are based on mans doctrines and traditions that men have devised. Rather, "born again" is the miracle of change to our spirit man, to be like Him in nature and through this process we now have the very Life of God resident inside, which enables us to live right and therefore, we can be truly free from the bondage of sin and unrighteous behaviour.

Receiving a change on the inside is entirely different from having an acceptable outward appearance which is superficial and just acting right. You have heard of the old saying "wolves in sheeps clothing",
Jesus put it another way "whitewashed tombs while on the inside full of dead mans bones", this is what mans religion and traditions are like, they have a form of godliness but deny the power of the genuine.
Most of us want to be real and we don't want to be a faker or live in pretense.

Being born again gives us the true freedom of change on the inside and is a real way of living free, you will be forever accepted by our God and Father of our spirits.
Please, if you are not free like I have described by this miracle of born again, through what Jesus did for us, you can now make that decision and freely receive the life changing power of God to be
born again.

Take the first step in the entry to God.
Just say to God that you don't want to be living a sinful life anymore and that you want to be free of the behaviour patterns of sin.
Your old nature of sin is incapable of being like God and His righteousness.
Pray this way "Father, I am sorry for the way that I live and do not want to live this way anymore. I ask that I be set free now from my life of sin
and be born again.
I want to begin the process of living right with your power working in me.
I ask to be changed forever and now be made the righteousness of God
in my spirit man.
I receive what Jesus did for me on the cross, by dying for me
and taking my sins upon Himself.
Thank you Father, now you are my God and Father
and Jesus has set me free indeed."

Now just believe what God has promised to you. You are now saved
and have received His everlasting love, you are changed forever
and now you are born again.

John 3:5-7 Jesus answered, "Most assuredly, I say to you,
unless one is born of water and the spirit, he cannot enter the Kingdom of God.
That which is born of the flesh is flesh, and that which is born of the spirit is spirit.
Do not marvel that I said to you, you must be born again."

Remember that you are now on a path of change and living in the way God intended for you to live.
This is a daily process of change and continues until all believers pass into eternity.
Just ask God each day that His will be done in your life and for the new life that Jesus has given you to effect your entire being.
You will also need to meet regularly with other believers and find leaders that will give you the right encouragement and training to follow Jesus who is Lord.
Pray that you will be led to the right places for mutual support on the beginning of this bright and glorious path of freedom that brings your chosen destiny into effect in this life and in eternity.
As well as relating to other believers, the most important relationship that you have now received is with your God, spend time to get know Him, you will find that in His Presence there is love, acceptance, peace, fullness of joy and true guidance for your life today.

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